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  • Istanbul Breakfast (Kahvaltı) - 129 dhs
    Istanbul Breakfast Plate One Person ( Tek kisilik istanbul Kahvalti tabagi): Green olives, Black olives, Orange jam, Chestnut jam, Cucumber, Tomato, Assorted cheeses, Butter&honey, Tahini, Orange juice, Small water (33cl), Turkish tea, Turkish coffee; Gozleme ( Turkish tinny flat dough filled wi..
  • Istanbul Lunch (Ogle Yemegı) - 195 dhs
    Optional: Adana Kebap (Hand minced lamb, Chilli pepper) or Pasa Kebap (Hand minced lamb, Herbs, Pistachio, Pine kernel, Cheddar Cheese); Turkish Shepherd Salad (Coban) (Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Parsley dressed with lemon juice, Olive oil and Pomegranate syrup dressing); Optional any choosen co..

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Petek family history dates back to early 1900s when our great grandfather Hasan who left Camlihemsin to work as a baker in Moscow and later in Istanbul where he opened his baker store- selling only bread in 1916.

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